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We service patients not only in Woodville and Seaton but across Western Adelaide in areas such as St Clair, Hendon Croydon, Findon, Ferryden Park, Royal Park, West Lakes, Ridleyton, Beverley and surrounding suburbs.

  • Easy Access – rear car-parking accessed via Woodville Road
  • Central – Just 5 minutes drive from Arndale shopping centre or 30 min from Adelaide CBD or 5 min from the QEH
  • Conveniently located on Woodville Road
  • Public Transport – Access by train (Woodville station), bus (bus stops on Woodville Road or a short walk from Port Road bus stops)
  • Car parking – at rear or on Woodville Road

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49 Woodville Road

Woodville, SA 5011

(08) 8268 5422

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